Welcome to the family 

With us you're not a customer but a family member , our mission is to perfect and love every step on the way from the assembly table to your door step to make sure we deliver the best products with the best service 


All the systems are built by well trained professionals and since we care about the finest details we use the special anti static gloves in all the building steps because at the end of the day we are gamers just like you and building systems is our passion and we take this matter seriously and each system is being treated like it's our own personal system 

Service and quality

Each and every system goes through a tight process of quality control and a stress test is performed to make sure your hardware is fit for your heavy duty use and long gaming sessions without any performance hickups and make sure that each and every part is tested so that any faulty component will be replaced before the system leaves the warehouse 

Never miss the joy of the experience

building a system is a fun experience and in order to make sure you'll never miss such joy we came up with the idea of capturing the whole experience for you !

We don't just deliver your top notch quality builds but the whole experience to your door step  

Juiced up and ready​

We make sure that your system is operating in a way that you get what you paid for .

If you're looking for the greatest value for your hard earned money then look no further

your system will be fully customised and ready from the moment you unbox it

Monthly Sweepstakes​

By buying your system from us that means that you're always in for our monthly sweepstakes for cool valuable products 

Customer service and warranty

Remember when you used to carry your Computer to the service centres and waste the whole day in the sticky humid waiting rooms waiting for hours for the diagnosis ?

Good , forget about that now because it's long gone history with us . We either fix the system wherever you are or we collect the system to be fixed and sent back to you . Either way you will never have to leave your place or face those bad customer service experience again .

If a phone call can't resolve your problem then we will take a look at it up close and personal